Fire Detection & Audio Evacuation Systems

Whatever your fire alarm system requirements, our Engineers can provide the solutions. Our product line includes cost effective answers to all types of required systems, whether for a small conventional zoned fire alarm system, or a facility wide networked audio addressable fire system. Our design experience includes systems ranging from small stand alone systems, to fully integrated voice evacuation high rise systems.

Engineered AutoCad drawings aid the installing electrical contractor in the proper wire type and size, and terminations of each component in the system. Our field technicians are available to assist the installing contractor throughout the project with Technical Support, troubleshooting, and final connection supervision ensuring that the system integrity is intact from the installation to final commissioning and certification. If you are a building owner, an electrical contractor, facility manager, or other person involved in the life safety of your facility, contact our Team to assist in any phase of your life safety planning.

Smoke Exhaust & Control Systems

Utilizing an interface with the building HVAC system, Smoke Exhaust and Control requires many levels of engineering to operate correctly. We utilize specifically configured control equipment to meet the exacting requirements of each facility. Since no two facilities are alike in the need and requirement for Smoke Control, we essentially design each Control unit to the specific building’s needs. Our custom control equipment can be configured to meet any requirement for smoke control or exhaust. Contact our Engineering Team for more information.

Municipal Emergency Response Systems

Our Municipal Monitoring Systems are in use at Fire Houses, 911 Centers, and Government based facilities such as Veteran’s Administration Hospitals. Wherever there is a need to monitor incoming alarm signals, whether the old style “Coded Master Box”, the newer Radio Frequency Master Box, or an Ethernet/Fiber based network system, we have the products that can meet your requirements.

Mass Notification & Situational Awareness

The ability to communicate emergency instruction and notification over a campus setting has become a major concern. This emerging technology is fast becoming a reality as Standards are established and Code documents written. Our Design Team can help you sort out the details of the new addition of NFPA Chapter 24 code requirements and design and implement a cost effective solution.

Integrated Campus Wide Monitoring System

Attempting to monitor several buildings within a campus can be a difficult task. Many different types of systems, covering a wide array of services need to be able to communicate to a central location. We can monitor all types of alarm activity, CCTV imaging, RFID locations, and more through a central console designed specifically for your requirements. Whether wireless or hardwired, fiber optic or copper, utilizing a Wide Area Network, or a Local Area Network, we can design a system to fit your requirement.

Nurse Call and Patient Emergency Call Systems

When a Hospital patient requires assistance, operation of the Nurse Call button signals the Nurse Station of the situation. From a simple light that identifies the Room number to more sophisticated systems that allow two way voice communications from the Station to the room, we have the product to fit your requirements. These systems are used in Elderly Care Facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and wherever the need to signal for assistance is required. Let our Staff help you find the solution that fits your application.

Baby Monitoring Systems

In Hospital OB/GYN Departments, it is becoming increasingly more critical to ensure the location of the babies with respect to their mothers. These systems allows for the mother to have access to her child at any time, while locking down the nursery, or taking other notification action when the baby is removed from a specific area by unauthorized persons. Similar to RFID Tracking, the systems utilize Radio Frequency tracking to monitor the infant’s location. This ensures the safety of the baby, and gives parents and staff peace of mind.

Patient Wandering Systems

Designed to keep patients safe by securing specific areas when a monitored patient happens to wander, doors can be locked down, elevators can be secured, and notification to a Nurse Station can alert staff of an unsafe situation.

CCTV Surveillance and Video Management Systems

Whether for reasons of Security, Identification, or liability, having a “second set of eyes” can be a life saver. Utilizing Surveillance Cameras connected to a Video Management System can provide Surveillance of your facility, and record events, even if no one is watching the monitors. Our products include solutions for single camera surveillance, to multi camera systems. These cameras can be either hardwired or IP based, and monitoring can be at the local building, across the network, or cloud based making surveillance of a remote site possible from any location with internet access.

When connected to a Closed Circuit TV Monitoring System, a Video Management System can provide a recorded account of activity in the range of the camera. Cameras may be of the fixed type, and configured to begin recording upon motion across a specific portion of the viewed area. Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras can be configured to “follow” that motion from camera to camera recording everything across a range of cameras to give complete coverage of a given area.

Intrusion and Security Systems

With the newest Homeland Security initiative, the growth of the Security industry is unparalleled. Through our membership in the American Society of Industrial Security, our team is up to date on all of the current trends and products available to secure your facility. Our security experience includes small commercial/retail systems, to multi-site facilities that require security at several locations while maintaining those sites from a single point.

Product selection is a key requirement to effectively secure a site without unnecessary false alarms caused by improper application of a product. Our team can design a system for your site that will keep your facility secure while avoiding the nuisance of false activations of the security system. Let us design a system to fit your needs.

Access Control Systems

We have systems available from a single door application to a multi-site networked enterprise class system. The use of Biometrics in addition to card or key fob access further secures those critical areas. By utilizing either a fingerprint authorization or iris recognition to identify the individual attempting to gain access, our systems can positively identify, and grant or deny access to any secured area within your facility. Through the integration of a Digital Video Recording system we can even identify the person, and either allow or deny access manually.

Our fully integrated systems can provide the Security, Access, and Video Surveillance of a site at a single point, or across a network. We are able to work with your Security and IT departments to implement a networked system that will control all access to your facilities.

Master Clock Solutions

When time throughout a facility must be constant, a master clock system can synchronize the wall clocks to a master time source. Our GPS based Master Clock systems synchronize to the satellites in use for GPS information, keeping time to the second. These clock systems are available in either hard-wired or wireless configurations.

Master Clock systems are commonly used in Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Government Centers. Wall clocks are available in many styles from traditional round/square clock faces, to Digital style clocks.

RFID Tracking

When it is critical to maintain information on locations of people or assets throughout a facility, Radio Frequency ID tracking is the system to incorporate. Whether in use for “Staff Locating”, security, or inventory tracking, RFID technology can provide the solution you require.

When installed , RFID can provide instant notification to a Security Department regarding the status of the person carrying a transmitter. If the person feels threatened or in danger, pressing a button on the transmitting device signals the location of the person/device to the security center allowing for immediate response. Typical use would include Student safety on a College campus, “man down” at a Jail or Prison, or Staff Location at a hospital. For asset tracking, a transmitter would be fixed to the asset to be tracked, and the movement of that asset throughout the facility would be traceable.

Apartment Intercom and Door Entry Systems

Tenants can allow their guests entry, while maintaining security at the front door utilizing an Apartment Entry System. When a guest wants to enter the building they simply operate the appropriate button for the apartment they wish to visit. The tenant then has the ability to verify the voice of the person requesting entry, and either allow or deny access. Some units incorporate a Video feed that allows the tenant to visually verify the identity of the visitor.

Most systems also feature a “keyless” entry function that allows tenants access to the building by use of a PIN code entered on the lobby panel. Programming is easy, and can be performed by the resident manager, adding or deleting tenants as necessary.

Audio and Sound Communications

From auditoriums and concert halls to outdoor stadiums, we have a full line of pro sound products designed to fulfill your specific requirements.  Our line of pro sound, paging and public address systems will enhance the ability to provide clear audio communication throughout your facility.  Whether for a church, school, arena or outdoor stadium, our sound consultants can engineer a system that will best fit your application.  Contact our office for a complete analysis of your sound system requirements.

"…thank you for the excellent service that we have received consistently over the 12 years of doing business with the Delphi Tech Center. Your support after installation continues to be outstanding"

− Mike Miller, Fire Systems Tech. at Delphi TCR.

"What a great job your company has done for us on the project. I have never worked with a Tech that goes so far out of his way to get a job done! Some times with only couple days notice and always responded quickly to my emails. You can tell they take great pride in what they do. It was great working with your company!! Thank You!!”"

− Mike Herring, Project Foreman – O’Connell Electric

"West Fire is a wonderful partner in support of Cornell University’s mission to efficiently and effectively manage our facilities. Their product support, customer service and attention to detail shows their company pride and care in ownership. They are always available -and able -to provide technical and engineering input on current and upcoming projects. We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with West Fire and we look forward to continued success in the future."

− Chad Loomis, PE Cornell University Facilities Engineering Senior Electrical Engineer

"Prompt, quality maintenance of life safety systems is critical in the highly-regulated health care residential services field. Mike West and his staff at West Fire Systems understand this and provide service that is second to none. In a relationship that spans 15 years, and hundreds of service calls, I can’t think of a single instance when I haven’t been totally satisfied. Congratulations to Mike and his staff for recent National Chamber of Commerce accolades. I can attest that they were well earned."

− Mike Loftus, Environmental Svcs. Director

"West Fire handles our security panels, fire panels and CCTV system. I have Andy Luft and Pat Consler on speed dial and they are always quick to respond. Quite often we can resolve an issue with a phone call, but if not, I know they will be on site as soon as possible, even if it is after hours."

− Karen L. Kelly, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Seneca Falls Central School District

"I have found West Fire & Security to be a very professional and responsive organization. With them, assistance and answers are only phone call away."

− Dan Gray - President, Bill Gray’s Inc.

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